Bibliographies and Sourcebooks on Soy: Extensively Annotated

These SoyaScan bibliographies and sourcebooks on soybeans and soyfoods, each the most comprehensive of its kind ever published, are now available from Soyinfo Center. They are very powerful tools for doing in-depth research.

Almost all of these books contain four different types of records/entries: (1) Publications. (2) Commercial soy products. (3) Original interviews (never before published), and (4) Unpublished archival documents.

Each of these books is produced from SoyaScan, Soyinfo Center's computerized database, which contains more than 75,000 records/entries on soybeans and soyfoods from 1100 B.C. to the present. Each, compiled one record at a time over many years, is based on our long history of research into the history of soybeans and our large research library.

In each book the records are arranged in chronological sequence; each has a comprehensive subject and geographical index at the end. More than three-fourths of all records, and most current records, contain a summary/abstract of significant length. For example, in bibliographies published since the year 2000, more than 75% of all records contain a summary/abstract averaging 143 words in length.

Each bibliography features (in addition to the typical author, date, title, volume and pages information) the author's address, number of references cited, foreign title, month and issue of publication, and the first author's first name (if given). Soyinfo Center also offers a special feature: detailed information about related commercial soyfood products, including the product name, date of introduction, manufacturer's name and address, sources of addition information and, with most recent products, ingredients.

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Henry Ford and his Employees' Work with Soybeans, Soyfoods & Chemurgy
William Shurtleff, Akiko Aoyagi

Series: Organizations and Pioneers

Earliest Reference: 1931

Number of References in Bibliography: 577

Publication Date: 1997/01

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